More bits of awesomeness

So today Colin (@firedrake) and I walked into the woodshop with the intention of tidying, organising and sorting.
we soon realised we had a storage issue.
we need to build cabinets, We also need to finally get around to building the new miter saw station.

So today it began.
First off was a trip to bunnings to make us $50 lighter.

5 frames and legs pre cut it’s time to start assembly

Oops thats right need to go out with the old before in with the new.

who ever built that. i commend you it was not as simple to remove as we expected. and we found about 5 different types of screws used.

cleared out.

I sign of things to come.

This is where we ran out of energy tonight. will be back up tomorrow to finish it off and hopefully get another couple of things done.

the saw is sitting in the recess so the cutting base is level with the table allowing for more control on longer lengths.

a few more features to come.


A big thanks to the Wonky Queenslander Crew (sorry I don’t know your names) who provide fantastic support in the form of Pizza and Beer. :smiley: <3

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Well it was another busy day in the office.
here is pretty much what it looked like on saturday morning when i arrived

We finished the bench and bolted down the saw.
Did anyone notice that the fence on the saw itself wasn’t square or level or even straight?
Well don’t bother going to look, because it is now.

The fence extension was added, we want to put a tape measure along it with a sliding stop block, anyone have 2x 1570mm 20x20 aluminium extrusion they would like to donate?

next challenge was storage. something the woodshop has been woefully short on for some time.
the drawers painted in wood shop red they fit in behind the fence nicely.
the left side of the saw will later house a shelf for storing screws and fasteners. more on that later.

Then it was time to turn our attentions to the other side of the room.
the door table is no more, likely to be reincarnated as part of the wonky.

instead we now have dedicated pedestals for the scroll saw and drill press.

You know what would look great in the space between them? A thicknesser/planer on a trolley…

now how about finishing with a photo taken from the same place as the first?

Bill of Materials:

12 x 2.4 Non-structual 70x35
2 x 2400x1200 16mm MDF
200 x screws
3 x tubes of Liquid Nails
16 x hours of build time.
12 x beer

Thanks once again to @firedrake for the help.