More Pie! RaspPi V2 B+

New version of the Raspberry Pi has been released, More than 6 times faster on benchmark tests. Most stores are on 2 week back order. But shipping has begun!

quad core A7 900Mhz
1gb of ram
4 usb ports
40 pin header
and still only $35!

Price is dependant on store. Can be bought from RS-Online - no shipping costs
or the 512mb ram version from Adafruit with hectic shipping costs.

Who is in for a bulk order?

I want eleventyseven of them. One for

  • wheatly
  • auto hdd ghost backup system
  • media server
  • hack computer
  • quadcopter onboard processor
  • so many things!

old RPi: as fast as a unicycle, and only one wheel.
new RPi: as fast as a slow bicycle, and now has 4 wheels.

serious, if u want to do image processing, or anything needing any real performance, don’t use one of these.

I still have my RPi in a box gathering dust!

If your wanting to get started, I have most of the hardware including one of these with Wifi’s!


I’ve got several varieties of raspi, banana pi and armv7 based boards kicking around.

I’ve ordered two of the new ones before they sold out, I want to see how much quicker pocketsphinx is on the new hardware for a costume project. (Subvocal speech to text then text to speech.)

another modern RPI alternative:
beaglebone black - about $10 more than the RPi. ( 8 times more IO, faster RAM as its DDR2, onboard emmc to boot without a SD card, more i2’s SPIs and UARTS, a ghz cpu, and it’s a ARM A8, which is better performer than both the A6 in the original RPi, nad the A7 in the RPi-V2. Oh, and it’s got accelerated video GPU, and two 200Mhz "PRU"s ( secondary spare processors, just for you ).

Ok, so the RPI-V2’s quad-core CPU is probably now going to make it’s CPU as fast as the BBB’s… but everything else is still worse. :slight_smile:

Also, if you want even sexier than the BBB, try:
Intel Edison: ( maybe 3-5 times faster than the BBB, and double that again on the RPI ) an about $70ish? ( ie more than 5 times the RPI, and only twice the price )

or a super sexy Odroid ( they have a few):

Odroid-C1: completely compatible with the RPI ( it’s a drop-in replacement) , with a quad-core like the RPi-V2, but running at 1.5Ghz ( not the 900Mhz of the RPi-V2 ) , and it’s also got a true gigabit ethernet ( the RPI has 10/100 on the USB bus ) , so it still pants-s the new RPI on a bunch of specs … and STILL only $35 Bonus: the Ordoid-C1 can run Android , if you want. :slight_smile:

Odroid-U3: roughly same price as the BBB ( around $70-$80 ) , and 1.7Ghz quad-core, so it beats everything I’ve listed above on sheer CPU speed. Hint: it’s about as fast as 12 of the original RPI, or 4 of the new one. :slight_smile:

want the best “little computer” you can get…? try this beast: ( it’s got 8 cpu cores on it, and an OpenGL/OpenCL videocard, and it’s only about $180 bucks! )

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buzz said:
old RPi: as fast as a unicycle, and only one wheel.
new RPi: as fast as a slow bicycle, and now has 4 wheels.


Those Ordriod boards look amazing! I might have to rethink my enthusiasm!

The bottleneck for me is not the functionality of the board but my ability/time I have to code. It would be nice not to have to learn more languages or environments. However now that these boards can run full OS’s it makes things very easy :smile:

I probably wont be doing any image processing yet, and your right, the pi is not nearly powerful enough. I really like the idea of finding clever ways to get information from ‘dumb’ sensors and low level processing.

What image processing were you looking into doing @buzz?

What image processing were you looking into doing @buzz?

taking pics from UAV’s of course. :slight_smile: we used the BeagleBone and OpenCV on our OurBackChallenge UAV. Also we had a bunch of disgusting nasty python code that I tried to have very littel to do with. :slight_smile:

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Seconded on the BeagleBone Black – they’re seriously grunty with that A8, GPU, and two realtime units (meaning no need for dumb things like the Arduino that sits on top of a Pi, seriously wtf). I’ve barely scratched the surface with mine.

The Cortex A7 is actually newer than the A8 but very similar. It’s built on a 28nm process instead of 65nm so it’s considerably more efficient, but it can’t hyperthread floating point operations and a few other things. So performance overall is lower, but performance per watt is higher.

The 10/100 ethernet is for any use as a file server. A few years ago a friend of mine actually ordered a sample of the gigabit version of the network chip on the rpi and reflowed it onto the board.

jaw + desk.