Motor-Mouth and Suck-Face: An Apocalyptic Love Story

You may have noticed a few new items being built and some flyers laying around at the hackerspace recently. That’s because it’s the set for a new Australian play by Share House Theatre Company. What’s it about?

The mysterious new kid at school, Blasko Tupper, knows something that none of her classmates know - the world is going to end in three days. There’s only one thing to do - throw a party, kidnap the whole school, break the bad news as gently as possible – then find a way to blow everyone up just before armageddon to travel safely through a cosmic worm-hole into the next dimension.
Contains violence, strobe lights, & teen angst.

We would love to see the Hackerspace army come along one night! So grab ya mates, have a beer and party like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the FB event link below!

Thanks to Meka and Steph for the building support.

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