Mpu6050 to rs485 pcb

I am working on a PCB to allow me to connect two MPU6060 to an ardunio and output it over RS485.

I have an eagle file for the PCB at

Where can I get advice on it?

And where can I get a bunch of PCBs made.?

Had a look at your files and nothing is labeled so I can’t see what your trying to achieve.

As to where to get them made.
Seeedstudio, dirtyPCBs

If you want realy nice PCBs and willing to pay for it then go for the NZ crowd

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I am trying to link two MPU 6050 to an ardunio pro mini to send out the data via RS485 using a ltc1480 IC.

Try here to tell you who is the cheapest.

I did in the past use Hackvana for top quality. But if I want it cheap I go elecrow. If I want it fast I go homebrew

Still doesn’t help if your parts on the Schematic aren’t labeled.
Where is the power in?
Which connector goes to the MPU?
Is that a SCL line?

Label everything it helps to reduce dumb mistakes.
If you need some help with best practices look up some of the sparkfun boards or drag me aside on tuesday

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Hi…i am a new user here. I am attempting to characterise the MPU-6050 as a first step towards robust calibration. Part of this is achieved by logging the gyroscope zero-rate output over -20˚C to +70˚C. All investigations are conducted for a batch of 8 devices.Results suggest that the bias temperature relationship incorporates a hysteresis. This behaviour is observed for all tested devices. Other temperature sensitive devices monitored during these tests do not display this behaviour.

Hi LulaNord, I am not a new user here. I am attempting to characterise spambots. Part of this is achieved by googling exact phrases posted by new users that meet certain criteria.

1, First post is necromancy
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If you are not a spam bot herder you are in luck because there is a thread on the sparkfun forums from 2012 that will have all the information you need