Mushroom Growing

So by the end of this week I should have my hands on some tasty tasty mushroom (spawn). I will be preparing grain jars and doing a grain to grain transfer for any body interested in mycology techniques beyond grow your own kits.

For any curious people out there who would be interested in mushroom cultivation.

@buzz @Nadine

lions mane
yellow oyster

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Me please!!!
I would love to see your techniques as well as the success rates!
Sign me up!

Yes I’m interested… just depends on when u want to do it. … ?

Ill have to do the loins mane asap due to the nature of the species (it will start to fruit, making it harder to expand the spawn)

The oysters have a little more flexibility, when are you free? I expect them by the end of the week


So tonight I’ll be preparing the grain and the jars for sterilisation.
Tomorrow I’ll be sterilising throughout the day.

Ill post here when the live spawn arrives and can organise something.

All the processes have to be spread over a few days so can’t really show it all in one session. But they are all equally important.

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