My CR-10 V2 Upgrades (E3D Hemera + SKR v1.4 Turbo Controller)

About two months ago my CR-10 got pretty sick and I ended up having to completely strip down and clean out the extruder and hotbed assembly. While doing so I figured I’d upgrade to an E3D Hemera direct drive extruder and Volcano hotend for better quality and much faster prints. Most of what I print are enclosures and mechanical parts so I like to print big and fast!

Unfortunately, while installing the Hemera, my soldering iron badly shorted something on the mother board when I was soldering on an inline 24v>12v power supply for the ultra silent Noctua fan I bought. Stupid soldering iron (and definitely not my fault for not switching it off completely!). I decided to buy an SKR v1.4 Turbo + TMC2009 stepper drivers + TFT35 combo as it was one of the cheaper options and had very good reviews. Being a 32-bit board means I could also run all the recent Marlin features without having to worry about memory and flash size.

I had to do a bit of rewiring but tried to keep everything as stock as possible to keep it all neat and tidy and re-use the existing distribution board/cabling. The stock fan on the CR-10 power supply is super loud and cycles on and off. The E3D Hotend fan is quieter than the stock CR-10, but still louder than it needs to be. These fans were replaced with a 40mm Noctua (for the Hotend) and a 60mm Noctua (for the power supply). Both of these fans claim to be “ultra silent” and offer a noticeable reduction in sound levels while printing.

I went to IKEA and bought some Tradfri (Smart, Zigbee enabled) LED strips and LED dome lights. I also put a power board and smart outlet inside the enclosure so everything is self container/portable and I can control the printer’s power remotely. I installed the lights into the printer and the warm tone with variable brightness (when paired with a wireless dimmer) is super convenient and offers great lighting for the webcam and time lapses. It also means I can automatically turn the lights off when a print is done for extra browny points from the finance. :wink:

I’ve pretty much dialled it in now and it’s a significant improvement in print quality and print speed compared to the stock printer. I would highly recommend it if you print a lot or start having problems with the stock hot end/extruder or control board.