My mendel90 upgrade to the e3d Titan Aero extruder

(Jaimyn Mayer) #1

I thought I’d document the upgrade process for replacing my hot end/extruder on my mendel90. My printer is definitely showing it’s age as this will be my second replacement hotend. :joy: I’ve had it since high school and it’s served me very well. After years of abuse on an e3d v6 hot end that was hackily shoved onto it, it’s finally failed.

The first step is assembling the Titan Aero. This only took about an hour all up. There’s an excellent guide available here and it wasn’t too difficult.

(Jaimyn Mayer) #2

I found a model on thingiverse that looked compatible with my printer so today I printed it out on the right-cr10 and took it home. Unfortunately, it appears that whoever designed it had a miniature sized mendel90 as it’s much too small to fit my printer. I ended up designing my own carriage plate using a few bits from that design as a base.

I’ve finished my design now, and will print it over the weekend when I get a chance. It was actually quite a challenge and I’ve ended up with a slight reduction in build area because of how compact and short the titan aero is.