Name my tiny house

I am quite often asked what I have named my Tiny House. Since I’m generally indecisive about these things, I have yet to come up with one. So here’s a poll for the good folk of HSBNE to name the house. Suggest a name or vote for one already suggested. At completion I’ll etch the name somewhere on the house.
Suggestions so far:
Tiny McHouseFace
Housy McTinyFace



I’ll absolutely laser etch you a name plaque if you’d like

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The Tin Drum
After the book, seems fitting.

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A brass nameplate please. Keep it classy.

Another suggestion from family:
The Tiny McMansion

Steve. Steve the house.

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I quite like the various ship names from the culture series. Particularly I would like to suggest “A Ship With A View” or “So Much For Subtlety”

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@wixted Good one. Perhaps “Size Isn’t Everything” from Use of Weapons?

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