Need big table saw measurements

Hey all planning on making an assembly / out feed table for the big table saw this weekend.

Can someone please measure the hight of the saw from the ground to the table for me so i can make the plans and get a bom made up?



The table saw is 930mm high. @reddog donated us some good counter tops, some 3.6x1.2 tongue and groove flooring. I also got the 3 woodworking vices we voted on getting recently, plus one we already had kicking around to be installed on the bench. I had planned to start that today but if you guys are feeling keen enough to take that off my plate I’d really appreciate it. :smiley:

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Yea currently looking around work for some cover sheets. Will need them picked up tomorrow. Will have some lengths of timber too now i know the height i can do some plans and rough cut the timber.

Awesome stuff! Thanks man!

Have made the plans and costed the timber, it’s going to cost a bit more than i expected. (about $100 before my discount).

i know it’s too short of notice to get approval for reimbursement, but if a few people would like to chip in a couple of dollars it would be much appreciated.

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