Need Help - 3D Scanning Supanova Rig

Hey Team!

I hoped to get this done myself with @boo over the next week, but I can feel myself coming down with a cold and I’m checking myself before I’m reking myself. Anyway, this is a fun, simple project and I thought one or some of you might be keen to take it on!
@riumplus had a great idea for our Supanova stall - We could 3D scan people inside a Han Solo in carbonite frame.
This is a great idea because:

  • Novelty
  • Less burden on 3D scanning rig (180 scan rather than full 360 scan, less likely to fail)
  • Less 3D modelling post processing
  • Extra revenue stream

To build this, all I was going to do was find the right size piece of ply, jigsaw out a torso shape and add on some legs on the bottom to make it freestanding. Finishing with paint and texture can be done later. We were going to try to get this done in the next week so we could get in early and show a proof of concept. Would anyone be keen to assist with this?

Im happy to help, I am busy thru the day time this week and Wednesday night but free from 4 Thursday and Friday and I can clear my Saturday.

As discussed happy to help with Project, Will Still have to wait for Member Card to get onsite so probably not this week,

As you explained what you in visioned the frame design to be, Will you want it to be made from a full sheet 1200x2400 ply so you also have border area to make it easier to crop?

Cheers Nick

Thanks for volunteering your time @Hendo and @chino! Happy for you both to take this on. Likely @hendo could guest @chino on site until we sort out a card for you next week.

The main constraints for the design are that it needs to be easily transported to Nova and easily be used by a range of people of different heights (likely paired with a stool for children). Happy for you both to make design decisions based on whatever’s easiest with what we’ve got on hand. Let us know if you need to buy any materials and we’ll see what we can sort out. Thanks again for putting your hands up for this one!

well ill hopefully be available there on Saturday and Sunday as will be be helping in the metal workshop getting ready for the CNC Lathes

Hi Chino, I am out of action for now, came down with this bug going around. i should be over it in a day or two.
Except for this Tuesday night I am free after 4pm, let me know when you free to meet up. If I’m feeling better over the weekend I will drop down to meet you.

That’s ok i will be up there organizing metal shop this weekend with others, I will see what materials are available onsite and should have other materials at home if not enough is available, might try doing it with light gauge square metal folding frame for ease of transport and storage

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Sorry wasn’t able to make it tonight as have to fly out for work in the morning , I will be back in 2 weeks and will have a full week off so will be able to build it then