Needlessly complicated deep freezer repair

A while ago some water got where water shouldn’t and my deep freezer went ka-bang. Now with an ESP8266, a DS18B20 and a relay to switch the compressor, BAM:


I hit submit too early, and I can’t work out how to edit posts.

The ESP8266 is a Wemos D1 Mini knockoff, basically an ESP-12E breakout board w/ TTL serial converter. It’s running micropython. It connects to my wifi, then my cloud server running mosquitto, mqttwarn, influxdb and grafana.

I can adjust the setpoint, hysteresis and minimum compressor off time via retained MQTT topics on my server. It publishes food compartment temperature and compressor temperature every minute. I could probably reduce that frequency a bit…

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Cool fix. Pun intended. I would like to put something like this on the space’s kiln, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks,