New CO2 laser induction schedule 2023

Hi everybody, i’ve put out the new induction schedule for the CO2 lasers.

Things to keep in mind

  • We’ll have induction once every other week (eg: fortnightly).
  • Inductions signups close 3 days before the event start. This allows volunteers to organise their life.
  • If no one has signed up for the date before it closes, the induction is cancelled.
  • If the induction is on (because people signed up in time), but the time has passed, you can always ask in discord if you can get into the induction.

For the time being, I’ll leave this post pinned on this forum so people can reference.
I’ll ask to the ones giving tours to say:
“to get inducted on the machines you should check the respective pinned post on the digifab forum”.

I know some might say to use the wiki, but the wiki search engine is quite useless, so please refer to the forum post. (and yes, I’ve updated the wiki).
@Antifoo @Zac