New collets and chucks

I’ve bought and deployed a full set of ER32 collets (2mm to 20mm) and 2 new holders. We still need to buy two more chucks to allow the machine to have full capacity and as well to help when there are more than one member queuing to use the machine.
Probably we will buy some more common sizes collets (eg. 6mm 10mm 1/2inch) but we can sort that through discretionary (donations are welcome, they are 10 dollars a piece).

I think I have 2x 1/2 inch and 2x 1/4 inch collets. They might be 12mm and 6mm but ill check today

You’re thinking about donating those you mean?

I dont know how the imperial vs metric works in this context. Some of the collets we have have both imperial and metric labels on them.