New Compressor

I’ve been playing around a little with the compressor attached to the laser cutter today (along with tidying the area up), and the culprit of many of the power issues is the compressor. It’s old, it has had a hard life and it’s well due for a replacement.

I’m HIGHLY recommending that we purchase something alongthese lines, as along with being oil-free it should run significantly cooler and less often than what we’ve currently gotten. We also need to look into getting a flow meter which can be locked down, which should also help.

Beau and I will also look into fixing all the air leaks, so it can be left on permanently with it’s own dedicated power point, and we can upgrade the fans currently cooling the housing for everything.


Definitely in favour of a new compressor, I can’t count the times I’ve been interrupted by the leaks and it tripping power lately.