NEW DATE >>>> Metalworking Cause Meeting 22/8 after GM

Cause meeting directly after the GM (~8pm)

If you know you will be unable to attend the meeting, please send
through the following proxy form before the meeting to


I, of (insert address), being a member of the association, appoint
(insert name) of (insert address) as my proxy to vote for me on my
behalf at the metalshop cause meeting of the association, to be held on
the day of 15th of August and at any adjournment of the meeting.
Signed this day of (date) .


Agenda items:
-discussion around general plans and ideas for metalshop moving forward (separation to hot and cold working areas, priority big ticket machinery purchases, etc)
-regular monthly cause meeting times and days - first Tuesday of each month after the GM
-proposal for agreed time limits set on large projects/personal machinery being stored in the metal shop
-discussion of methods to reward members who contribute membership funds to the cause (ie. better quality consumables)
-discussion around upcoming inductions and workshops - if you wish to contribute to these, please let me know and we can pencil a time and date in
-purchase of 2x new metalshop vices for the welding bench. One of these and one of these. Spending more on vices would be good, but realistically they will be mistreated so may as well buy the best cheap ones we can buy. Total cost is $246, not including the small discount I can get (~10$)
-purchase of hydraulic oil to fill both the green and grey lathe.
-introduction of a monthly maintenance budget which comes out of the cause (a set figure of $10/week reviewed every 3 months). This is separate to the discretionary budget and would be used for maintenance of existing equipment (such as aforementioned lathe headstock oil), but not consumables/new equipment/etc.

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I feel it’s worth pointing out that per our rules, “Causes are not Silos”. Lack of membership in a specific cause cannot be used to deny access to any area, meetings, equipment, tools, consumables or classes.

I would also recommend the maintenance budget be calculated monthly for simplicity’s sake, because most of our other financial stuff is done monthly and it’d be much easier that way. Say, a $50/month budget instead of the proposed $10/week? :slight_smile:

Monthly sounds great, can definitely do that.

The idea around consumables would be something along the lines of the Space not supplying carbide inserts for the lathe tooling (however we will purchase all the tooling itself). Contributors get one new insert (which works in every proposed tool) every month, if you want new tooling it will be available for a small cost or you can use any of the inserts which are in worse condition. I’m not super fussed about this idea, I’m just thinking of things we can do to help grow the cause

I had posted an Item is Cause For Possibility of Putting Two Hyundai HIT 18S Cnc Lathes in the workshop for use by the Group,

They are similar to the one in the workshop but are both complete, One would be able to be operational almost immediately out of the two and one i will require to send drive off for repair.

I have another Mates Factory i can store these at but believe they would be of greater use at HSBNE as I only require for limited use

As time is a factor with these units before i move them from the Sellers property would like to know everyone’s thoughts as will need to make a decision in a timely manor as due to the difficulties in moving these units will either go to HSBNE or to another factory as wont want to move them twice as im sure you can understand.

Kind Regards


On another note I have also Donated a few thousand dollars worth of Tooling For the mills tonight ( A large Number of End mills or varying sizes and cutters etc)

Also donated to Sven #2 new controllers and drives etc to get his CNC operational again,

Can you guys also let me know What other gear is on the wish lists to get any of the other CNC equipment operational as may have the stuff required.

kind Regards

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Going over the trello Wishlist I noticed that you guys also wanted a surface grinder, I also have a large swing bed surface grinder that HSBNE can have to use.


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@chino you are a legend mate.

Do you have an ETA on picking the lathe up? I’m looking at how we can fit it in now

i have to head up to greys today across the road from HSBNE if your around could drop in for chat,

To derail this thread further, what are the power specifications for the machines? Some precursory Googling says they’re on 40 odd KVA transformers, which isn’t exactly small.

I discussed this with the workshop i bought them off, yes they have big motors in them but most power is used spinning them up to speed, most machining is only done at half the capable speed of the machine and actually quite efficient, But just the surge load to spin them up requires the big draw.

Unfortunately I will have to delay this one week as some work commitments have come up.

Meeting Minutes:

Drew Spriggs
Sven Hanzka
Eris Ryan
Joshua Hogendorn
Phil Thompson

No quorum met, so no votes were made.

Meeting Opened: 20:40PM

-plans moving forward for metalshop - general agreement with separation of cold/hot working areas
-consumables - Phil brought up exploring using industrial tooling for the lathes so we can get more indexable positions for carbide inserts. Drew said he will look into this and have a few options for voting on tooling for the lathes. General agreement that carbide inserts should be a paid consumable put in the vending machine.
-proposals for agreements with loaned equipment - Josh brought up the topic of inductions, and after much discussion we agreed some general standards of inductions for loaned equipment must be had.
-purchases of vices - no vote needed as we have two working vices

Meeting Closed: 21:20