New Green Lathe Additions

It’d be really nice to have a properly nice lathe with all the trimmings and the new green lathe is a perfect base for that. @Boo has some tricky stuff to do on it, so I said I’d find all the bits to make life easy for his project. I recently got access to a DRO lathe, the space needs this. Lathe DRO is Jesus.

Basically, all that lathe needs to be exactly what we need, is mist coolant, DRO and a quick change tool post. So my suggestions are as follows.


We can put them on the other machines as well, and have a spare or two for later or dual nozzles for something like the mill.

Theres lots of options for the DRO kit. Can be cheap, or not.

Basically ranges from;
1 x 300mm scale - $55
1 x 1000mm scale - $115
1 x Display - $115
Total - $285


1x 300mm Scale - - $240
1x 1000mm Scale - - $320
Display - - $550

Im sure theres advantages to the more expensive options, but I dont really see the need, but maybe someone with more time and inclination can find a better " bang for buck" option somewhere in the middle.

Then the quick change tool post, the tool post that is on the machine is grand, I’d be perfectlyhappy with it, but I know it will frustrate the new gamers. Its a process to set up a tool on the current post, with shims and spacers etc. and I think we can get something that can utilise the tool holders we have for the current grey lathe.

I think that will do the job, would need to confirm that, but I think its compatible with the green lathe, and the tool holders we currently have. again, a little more research is needed, there may be a better option somewhere. - $187

Overall, I think with the addition of these 3 things, spending between $400 and $800, our new lathe can be a really user friendly and robust piece of gear.

EDIT: Ive been away a lot over the last month or so, but Ill be around on a more regular schedule in about a week and a half, and can install all these things then if we decide to go ahead with it all.


A middle option might be an Aliexpress order. I bought one for my mill for ~$300, there is one from the same seller for a lathe for $233.98 “Free shipping high precision instruments lathe & mill 2 axis DRO digital readout with 2 pcs linear glass scales”.
Reports of the aliexpress options from google were (mostly) positive, and they offered an in the middle alternative between H&F ones and Easson. There were some bad stories about the “HXX” brand. Easson were also available on Aliexpress at a reduced cost.
I wanted glass scales after reading what here about all the various types - .
If you don’t want to order overseas, a better option than the H&F models might be the iGaging ones available from Melbourne for a similar price.

Hey, did you have a link to that AliExpress listing?


Seller is Shenzhen Siton Technology.

They also sell Easson for $434:

Just search Aliexpress really, lots of options.


Have just gotten a much friendlier quote for a full set of lathe tooling - 6x L/R turning/facing insert tools, right hand boring bar (all use the same inserts) and carbide parting block/blade for about $220 delivered.

This + the quick change tool head is a basic tooling solution for around $400, with cheap inserts available (brand names for ~$8 each, Chinesium for $2 for both turning and parting).

With that being said, we will wait until we have interlocks on the lathe before spending money on it as the last thing we want is for somebody to destroy our cool new toys.

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