New lathe for metal shop

Metal lathe
As you may be aware, the metal shop now has a new lathe, arrived on Tuesday the 21st January 2020.
The approved budget set aside for the lathe was $8000. The lathe cost $3850 plus $495 for transport.
The metal shop would like to use the remaining money to fix a few things on the lathe ( feet for leveling-6 off, oil change, drive belts, coolant change etc. and also purchase upgrades ( quick change tool post, Digital read out, reversible 3 jaw chuck jaws, lockable cabinet) and some tooling (pipe center, drill chuck etc) i have been advised that this would be OK as long as it is spent on the lathe as the budget has already been approved. Does anyone have any objections for metal shop to go ahead with this plan for the lathe?

Makes sense to me that you use as much of the budget as possible to make the tool the best it can be, I’m not sure if we have any precedents for anyone coming in under budget.

It will be probably a case of making sure the treasurer gets all the receipts to make sure the money all comes in and out of the right buckets.

Hi Emily, thanks for your input, it does seem to be a general consensus that it would be OK to go ahead and use the full approved amount for and on the lathe.