New Metalshop Induction Schedule

A new induction process has been implemented for the main machines available in the HSBNE metalshop. Inductions will be run on a rotating schedule every Tuesday night. The schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Horizontal Bandsaw, Lathe
Week 2: TIG & MIG welders
Week 3: Horizontal Bandsaw, Mill
Week 4: Vertical Bandsaw, Coldcut Saw, Drill Press, Linishers

Please Note:

  • Eventbrite events for each upcoming induction will be available a month in advance.
  • You must sign up via Eventbrite if you wish to attend an induction.
  • Inductions for these machines will no-longer be run ad-hoc.
  • To be inducted on equipment outside this list, contact one of the metalshop team via the metalshop discord channel.
  • We will be moving over to online inductions over the next 12 months. Once online inductions have been created for a machine, everyone will need to complete the online induction regardless of whether they have completed an in-person induction already to retain their access.

will this still be running?

Yes, all inductions listed are still running. Visit the wiki page for the machine to find the link.