New to 3D printing

Hey HSBNE members,

I am new to 3D printing and would like to press go on an stl file I have ready. Are there going to be any inductions coming up or any knowledgeable 3D print masters around that could assist me setup my first print job? I followed the HSBNE wiki page instructions but can’t get the internal addresses to work.

Hey there,

I’d recommend piping up in the digifab chat in Discord if you run into any issues, a bunch of us hang out in there and are ready to answer queries/issues.

As far as I know the only working printer in there right now is the right-cr10 which was wokring last I was in.on Tuesday.

I’ve also moved this over to the digital fabrication cause so it’s easier to find for cause members :slight_smile:

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Hi Watto,

If you are able to come in on a Tuesday night I will be happy to walk you though an induction on the 3d printers, Lucky the printers are easy, just a drag and drop onto the webpage and hit print.

But come see me on Tuesday and ill be happy to help out.

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Hey Aaron,

Sounds good. I’ll shall be down Tuesday night around 7-7.30pm.