New Toptronic M4 / Siemens 802c CNC in metalshop

I have made this forum entry as a knowledge and news base for the new CNC in metalworking.
Now that the new machine is here and the mechanical functions have been tested the unit is (was) ready for programming/interfacing.
The software and manuals are under “metalworking” section of the library.
We need to come up with a name. I was thinking “Heidi” as it’s a German name (Siemens is a German company) or “Billy” (so we can name the manual mill “Millie”, suggestions welcome.
Since last Tuesday somebody has changed the tool out. I am in the process of setting all the tools specifically in their assigned arbors and at specific depths. So feel free to swap entire cones out but ~please~ don’t change or adjust what is in each arbour holder as they are mapped by the machine.
I discovered today that the roof above “Billy” leaks a bit, I will endeavor to make a tent at some point, its only dripping into the wet areas of the machine anyway.
The machine has changed itself to Chinese and has error 700000 since last week, I am hoping this is something to do with the wet weather. Does anybody read Mandarin here?