Nog3's M365 Electric Scooter Upgrade Log

(Brendan Halliday) #1

I recently purchased an M365 scooter to do the 13km trip in from home to work and from work to the space, and so far it’s working.

But there’s some things I’d like to do for improving the longevity of this machine and make my ride a little more comfortable and safe.

There’s a few things I’ve already done to improve it, including:

  • Adding Slime to the tubes to mostly handle punctures
  • Modifying the firmware to set a max speed of 25 km/h in eco mode, as well as tweaking the braking characteristiscs.
  • Adding foam inside the battery casing to protect it better from shocks.

Future improvements, in order of importance to me are as follows:

  • Adding a support for the back mudguard/fender
  • Adding reflective tape for more safety
  • Adding bike lights for safety
  • Adding an ignition key lock
  • Upgrading to 10 inch tyres.
  • Replacing the bottom battery cover with something more sturdy and countersinking the screws for this.
  • Widening the deck to accomodate my feet better, also adding grip tape.
  • Adding indicators, since it’s unsafe to take your hand off the handlebars on one of these scooters.

(Stuart Longland) #2

Regarding the lighting… I use a simple NE555 circuit on my bikes.

This can be used to drive a LED strip in a flashing mode to make a flashing tail light if desired. Not sure what voltage your system runs… I run a conventional 12V system and so can use motorcycle lights for indicators and brake lights. If it’s a higher voltage, then you could run two sets of lights in series or use a step-down DC-DC converter.

(Brendan Halliday) #3

Cheers for the advice! It’s a 36v pack under the hood, but I’ll likely be looking to use premade 12v flashers as they’re already environmentally sealed.