Nog3's Wheely Good Mods

So last night I decided it’d be a great idea to open up my Kingsong 16X electric unicycle and see what I can upgrade inside it.

For reference, this is what it looks like right now.

There’s lights around the frame which are pretty good and it has a fairly basic sound responsive lighting mode based on the bluetooth audio being sent through it (Yes, it also has a 5.1 sound system in it).

That looks like this: (it rotates between an EQ and a ‘flashy flashy ooh the sound’ mode).

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I think it needs well… more. More leds, more animations…

Right now it has this dinky ip65 RGB strip in it, with only 30 leds a metre. This looks like this:

VHB man in the Kingsong Factory says hi, it seems.

What would more look like? Well, like this:

This is 144 led per metre strip, in ip67 diffusing sheathing and it’s got an extra channel. Neutral white.

Stay tuned to see if I ever manage to get this into the wheel and get the wheel closed again.

Hi Brendan, based on some observations and your previous experience on that wheel, I think the first priority upgrade should be some kind of air bag system or at least something to keep all your parts connected together when crashing ( I mean the user’s parts, not the wheel’s parts).

Unfortunately all the safety gear in the world won’t help if the rider puts their hands up for Detroit instead of tucking and rolling. Maybe I need to add a tilt sensor triggered sound effect that screams 'TUCK AND ROLL".