Northshore Hamilton development (may not be good for HSBNE)

just saw on the 9 news:

ONE of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects will be home to a new $400 million waterfront community.

The Queensland Government today announced it will work exclusively
with Leighton Properties to finalise a detailed proposal to design and
build more than 700 apartments as well as commercial buildings on a 2ha
riverfront site in Northshore Hamilton.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said the project will generate about 500 jobs and the Government will
invest $20 million to develop a shared public precinct and boost
community infrastructure which includes parkland and a community
swimming pool.

Economic development Queensland ran a two-stage competitive bid process for the riverfront site.

“Understandably this rare opportunity to develop a 2ha parcel of land on Brisbane’s
riverfront attracted top-tier developers, all bidding for the chance to
turn it into something special,” Ms Trad said.

“Great competition has resulted in a wonderful outcome for Brisbane,
with Leighton’s proposal including a riverfront parkland and boardwalk
which the community can easily access and use.

”Leighton Properties project director John Campbell said it was a sought after site.

this may not be good hsbne

It’s a 15 year plan. … let’s not get worried just yet.

They’re still working on the proposal, even if the proposal gets finished before a different group gets into power and squashes it, it still has a way to go after that, like @buzz said, 15 year plan.

Something to keep an eye on, yeah, something to start sweating about? Maybe hold off until we see the bulldozers on the horizon.

The house we rent is up for demolition by Mains Rd with “plans for development”. When my Father-in-law first started renting it 17 years ago he was told he would get 10 years here tops, we took over the lease two years ago now, and are negotiating for a lease renewal, and they’re still telling us 10-15 years planned demolition time…

The last time I looked up the development plan for our area a few months ago (I’m on my phone or I’d link it), our property was literally the second-last to be demolished and redeveloped in the entire suburb. The estimated date was over a decade into the future, which is far enough you can’t trust it for much given how dates can get pushed back or brought forward as necessary. The exec definitely know about this and it was mentioned up front when we first signed the lease here too.

So, don’t lose any sleep over this. :slight_smile:

I think it was @buzz that said to me when we were chatting about this type of thing last week that the thing to watch will be the big storage tanks across the road… @buzz suggested that the timeline for decommissioning and ensuring decontamination of that type of land and infrastructure is in the ‘years’ time scale. So even if crews moved in to move those tanks tomorrow, the process would likely take years from then. I thought that was a was an interesting point… and could be our canary :wink: