Not the right time, but before I forget

I’ve heard it said that we could, and perhaps should have done more as a community organisation to extend ourselves to the broader community.

We also have a pressing need to increase revenue by increasing our membership.

So, my idea is this; whenever we find a new home we could invite the local cub scout groups to visit. Those are the kids ranging from 8 to 10 years of age. They like excursions that get the kids out of their scout hall and doing something new and interesting to keep them active.

We could think of some small toy that they could build and paint. Maybe cut out a bunch of, um, frogs or something on the laser cutter. They could then screw something into them in the wood shop and then paint and decorate them in craft punk.

The thing about something like this is that it not only raises our profile as a community organisation, but there are usually a bunch of parents coming along. Those parents are also standing around and talking while waiting for their kids at the scout hall every week.

I think it would do a lot for us in terms of making our new community aware of where we are and what we do. With any luck word or mouth will send some new members in to visit us on an open night.

I know that we have other things on at the moment, but i just wanted to share this idea before i forgot about it.


I’m sure most of us agree with this sentiment of Community engagement and I know Murray (as example) has already been engaged with Mates4Mates but the timing has been incompatible. The women’s group doing lead lights is another example. Plenty of opportunity is present in the unique facilities of HSBNE, one of the barriers is that it is a Not for Profit; those that do are doing on top of their other life priorities and I see in all such volunteer based endeavours waxing and waning of capabilities, skills and crucially - capacity to “do”.

I think there are quite a few who are aligned with your thoughts for sure James and hope we can achieve critical mass to see such things to fruition in the future.

If we end up on Government land, any such community benefit assists in forming a moat to protect us.

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Thanks, yeah, this is just a placeholder for us to think about. Those are other good ideas i had no idea about.

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