Office furniture donation

Thankyou to all who came along last night and helped with the furniture move!

Jaimyn, Buzz, Dave, Murray, Eris, Ben, Richard, Akshay, Geoff, and Ian (sorry if i missed anyone)

Two points:

1. Kat messaged me and we can take 10x small tables they have, the zip hot water and 2 dishwashers. she will let me know when they’re all disconnected and available.

2. Saturday morning we will run a small working bee to start processing what has been brought in, and what needs to leave the site as a result. Please do not start processing any of the new stuff until then.

If you’d like to help sort through all the new furniture and get it ready for use and in place, as well as help turfing out the old stuff, please come along.

We have a deadline of sunday where any items we want to discard and are storing outside have to go to the tip.

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