Office furniture donation

We have been offered a huge amount of office furniture from the site management offices that handled the Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade. The project is done and they’re decomming the offices so we can go in and take what we want.

Theres a lot of interesting stuff, I took a tour and some photos are here:

We will need to collect asap, Saturday 9th in the morning. We can hire a moving truck from europcar around the corner for $175 which will be the sanest option.

Looking for volunteers to help load/unload the truck

The items we are interested in primarily are:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Monitor Arms
  • Bookshelves?

Think about what would be best in the green room.

I’ve enquired and theres some possibility we can get a dishwasher, undersink hot/cold tap thing.

Please comment below if you can be onsite at the space at 9am to go collect by 9:30am

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I’m happy to help.

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Happy to help out, I also have a MR licence if that helps in anyway.

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I’m in… and will bring my car and my trailer, but i only have 9 functional fingers, so can’t carry anything bigger than a chair.

I’d be happy to help. I’d suggest we prioritize tables over desks and the monitor arms for maximum benefit.

I’ll be onsite at 9am.

happy to help. see you at 9

I’ll be coming along as @nog3’s chauffeur :wink:

Also volunteering my ass for the moving of things!

Im happy to help. Would an extra vehicle help as well - I have a large van?

It definitely wouldn’t hurt!

This just in. Dammit. : Greater Brisbane locked down for three days after positive case of UK coronavirus strain

Due to the lockdown this has been postponed to likely the evening (6pm) of the 12th or 13th Jan.

@buzz due to your finger, would you like to be in charge of driving the truck perhaps? collecting, driving, dropping back?

Josh, no my finger is just a slight hindrance at this point, and driving a truck is just as bad if not worse than carrying things. I’m find picking up most stuff at this point , just might reserve the right to not do big desks etc.

Yeah fair enough mate, heal up :slight_smile:

Have we heard yet on when we can go pickup?

we have our pick. I think it will take more than a few hours so I’m hesitant to schedule it for the 12th, so lets do the 13th?

I’m happy to help and also have a HC license if required.

I’m good for 13th

We have a small movers van booked for tonight.

Please arrive to meet and leave from HSBNE at 6pm.

The site we are going to is around the corner on kingsford smith drive, but a little non obvious to get to so we will travel in convoy/carpool.