Oil/Water Separator/Drier

One of the biggest issues we’re still facing with compressed air for Digifab is oil/water going through the lines. Despite automatic drains on the compressor, a lot still builds up. This will fix the issue, and make sure the air coming into the laser and Digifab is dry and clean.

We’ll be buying one for the metalshop eventually too, as that size works perfectly for both compressors.


I think that thing is like one I have on the bus, its like a cyclone to force the water/oil to the outside and down…

They’ve got a sub-micron filter inside of them, it’s not just a big swirley chamber thing

Oh awesome, maybe I should get one for the bus!, I have seen outfeed pipes run high in the air before infeed to avoid moisture, not sure how effective that is…

It’s like a sneeze. The big particles drop out of the air due to gravity but the small ones just chill and float around. That filter has pores small enough so those tiny little particles which are usually suspended in the air are forced to join together and then gravity takes over. This helps get rid of oil vapout that a refrigerated or desiccant dryer would not be able to remove/condense.