Old smartphone farm for DreamLab cancer research

Hi everyone,

For those who don’t know Vodafone has teamed up with the Garvan Institute use smartphone processing power for cancer research. The plus with this is that any data sent over the Vodafone AU network is free.

My idea is to create a farm of old android smartphones and buy vodafone sims for all of them, find the cheapest prepaid i can and basically leave them on a shelf to crunch a way.

For me I am interested in the analytics around power usage, and phone capability and this seems to be a worthy cause to use it with. I’m planning to put up a website to track all this if anyone is interested in this as well.

If there is anyone who has any ideas to best go about this or who would like to donate any old smartphones then post here,pm or give us a yell so we can chat about this.

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Would they have to be smartphones running android or can other android devices do it?

I’m not 100% sure on this. Im trying to contact vodafone and fine out if unmetered content is still available on prepaid broadband plans, if so the cost per mobile is just $2 for the sim.