Opportunities for CnC induction? (2016)

Hiya guys,

Thanks for the help thus far. I was wondering if I might ask for some guidance with regards to induction and usage of the CnC mills available to the space. My google-fu is weak, my ability to remember faces and names more so.

AFAIK there are4 machines

  • @Sven2 's MDF cutter in craft punk
  • Larger freestanding one in back-middle of metalworking shop
  • “Gigantic” one freestanding near the lathes
  • VMC 5 ton machine donated last year.

I’m not sure who to talk to to work out if I could/should use the machines to mill some aluminium brackets for a new printer. Based on (but to be simplified from) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:811271/#files

Specifically, I suppose I would need some of the following information.

  1. Material suitability and sourcing.
  • I would like to make light aluminium brackets to go on 2020 frame to hole motors and rods on bearings
  • Are there suggestions as to where to get cheap aluminium blanks? There are various pieces sitting around
  1. Machine choice
  • Which of the machines are suitable for lower experienced members, for 3D aluminium milling?
  1. End-mill supply
  • having chosen a machine, what size collet and what type of end-mill, and where to buy?
  1. G-code generation software to choose
  • what settings, g-code particularities?
  • what feedrates? (After mill and material and machine choice)

I have some experience with small <2kva mills and aluminium running headless with GRBL interpreters. I have used cambam g-code generator for 2.5d stuff, but no real 3D subtractive experience.

I would olso be interested in manually milling if people think that’s applicable.

Shout out to @Sven2, @Svenska and @rut4ger who seem to have been active on these?


Sven is to blame for the Craft Punk machine. Unlike Sven, who owns the small one in metalworking.

(usernames deleted for hilarity’s sake)

I’d also be super keen to get an induction of some sort, although I have far less experience with CnC and will be away until June.

I have a few wood projects id love to get done with a CnC milling machine, as I’ve previously just spent hours using a dremel for the same purpose and ended up with innacuracies all over the place

@davidstevens93, I believe that sven’s craft punk and sven’s metalwork ones would be appropriate for that; the two bigger ones might get fouled with dust.

(The smaller ones will too, but I’ve seen a dust boot on the mid-sized machine which is an essential)

You can put together a 3-axis manual bed with drawer sliders if that may help.