Organise Storage Shed, to allow for more storage for large projects

Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could possibly build a set of shelves to better organise the shed next to the forge and woodshop? the end result would be that there would then be enough storage space in there to put the parts from my grandpas panel van that I’m restoring as I take it back to a rolling chassis and rebuild it from the ground up. If anyone has any objections other solutions are extremely welcome :smile:

Sure, I don’t really see why not? :smile:

What were you going to build them out of? I think theres some pallet racking around still.

most likely pallet racking, or whatever spare timber i can find at the space, or under my house

I brought 3 sets of metal shelves in the other day, they’re in the machine shop and you can put them anywhere you like.

That would be perfect

Just b sure to label all your personal stuff clearly and in such a way as it can not possibly be mistaken for something else by someone who doesn’t know better. It must have your name, phone number, date it was put thete, how long u expect it to b there, signature of two other members (or exec)… and I suggest the following…

  • make said labels waterproof and storm proof and cyclone proof as it will be outside.
  • make said labels at least 50% of the size of whatever it is attached to…so nobody can say they didn’t see it.
  • clearly identify the perimeter of personal stuff with something colorful and deliberate. Eg police tape , orange duct tape, traffic cones etc…
  • follow the rules on maintaining current membership and not making a mess and revisiting paperwork when your project takes more than 3 months…

In exchange… your stuff will only b moved if it really has to be , and someone will call u, or post on the forums, before they dispose of anything that they can’t identify or is way out of date…

That looks like it was written by Me after too many drinks on a friday evening.

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