Organizing the computer donation

Recently we got a computer donation that @capella_ben brought to the space. I’d like to get one of these on the woodshop, but im happy to try organizing the whole thing.
I’m proposing actioning the following:

1.If you want to have one of these machines implemented on an area, please post in this thread stating the purpose and its implementation. This is not a wish list, this means that you’re gonna put the work to make this happen, at least at an organizational/management level.
2. Make a stock take of the equipment.
3. Figure what things we would like to keep “just in case” and what things we would like to get rid/sell.
We need to stop hoarding stuff that we will never use, the quicker we do this the better.

In terms of buying licenses, there’s different options, but CJS allows to get single licenses for windows 10/11 quite inexpensively (less than 20 bucks for a license).

If you want to collaborate with this, just come forward.

A very rough inventory of what I picked up (needs to be confirmed):

  • 4 all in one PCs
  • a couple of monitors
  • a couple of laptops
  • 1 keyboard

oh i thought we got more all in one pc’s from this.

I think the aio pc’s should probably go to cnc machines or similar? ie the laser pc, yag, becnc, hildi?

If we have 3 monitors from this that are the same same then they should go to the cad pc in green room.

the laptops, if they’re any good can maybe be put on steel cables and put in areas? we have a super ancient one in the classroom documentation station. might be good to have on in server room as an infrastructure tooling backup thing.

Is there any/much use for general use computers in the various workshops? i think digifab’s pc is the only one at the moment.

monitors, we have all the monitor arms in cold storage, we can bring them out and make ‘workstations’ for people to plug in their laptops etc?

whats the deal with the cjs keys thing? are they legit?

RE CJS. I got keys from and got no problem, Aaron recommend it to me. A quick google search doesn’t show any alerts or such. They seem to be legit.

If we have 3 monitors the same, I’m happy to install them on the CAD pc.

For the rest of the stuff, although they are good ideas, if nobody is going to take care of them and being accountable for make them happen we should see to get rid of the equipment.

I guess buy some from cjs on discretionary and see how it goes? I just dont understand how that works.

sounds good re monitors.

i dont think we should be getting rid of equipment just because it doesnt currently have an implementer, although i think we should be doing asset management and keeping a sane stockpile and culling excess. ie if these laptops are better than the current ones, it would make sense to move on the current ones.