Organizing the purchase for the 12mm compressed air pipes

We’ve been trying to get this thing organized and I can’t see this moving forward.

I need @devians and @Antifoo to give me a hand with the links for a couple of items, but I’m proposing actioning the following:

  1. Buying a 100m roll of 12mm nylon tubing locally ($350): Metric Nylon Tubing
    I’ve tried to find this on aliexpress but i couldn’t find anything.
  2. We’ve been trying to come up with a list of what each team wants in terms of fittings. I’ve already suggested to leave this as “every man by himself”, but i couldn’t get much drag (this fittings are quite inexpensive, and most teams don’t need a ton, so they could sort it through discretionary).
    A half solution is to get an assorment of them under say a budget of $150 and go from there.
  3. Organize this whole ordeal through this post so it self documents.

I think this is the best way to get this moving, particularly I’m keen to get this implemented in the woodshop ASAP. Some teams might not be interested in this right now, but this action should ease the wya for them if they want to do it in the near future.

In our last metalshop meeting, we listed out what we need for the metalshop. Ryan has the list.

If you can get @Ryan1 to provide the list, or the list in itself, that would be great.

theres a general list of universal parts we will probably buy. like 12mm pushfit T, Y, Check valves, ball valves, reducers to 8 and 6mm, couplers. so yep lets just pick a budget for that.

For the shops, are you all planning on buying the manifolds we proposed or do you have other plans?

Could u please post in here? :

  • the link to the manifold you mention.
  • The link to the general list you mention


from the discord chat last time: G1"*g1/2" 304 Stainless Steel Distribution Mainifold Bar( Pipe, Tube) Acessary For Water Underfloor Heating 2 To 10 Ways Brach Spacing 50mm - Floor Heating Systems & Parts - AliExpress

theres no link to the general list. its as i just described it, more or less.

Metalshop air line parts:

6x Push fitting tees 12mm
10x Pneumatic blanking plugs
2x 3 output manifold
3x 8mm Curly Hose
3x 8mm push fitting
3x Air Gun

from: 20221031 - metalshop - teams - meetings [HSBNE Wiki]

@devians is there a recommended store on aliexpress or is it all the same?

it’s all more or less the same afaik.

If we are buying from aliexpress we can get the fully metal parts which are more durable than the plastic ones. thats about it.

  • The woodshop will be buying their parts VIA discretionary. Don’t worry about us in that matter.
  • We would to get the 12mm tubing with the group
  • We don’t want a manifold.

Do we need to make a proposal, or we can just buy the roll right now?