Orphan printer

This printer has been sitting in Craftpunk for a while, collectively we can’t remember why we’re keeping it, as it’s a twin to the one in the classroom.

If anyone can give a good reason for keeping it, please reply below, otherwise I’ll offer to the first person who claims it, and failing that, it’s going in the e-waste bin

I thought we were keeping around a spare inkjet for sublimation printing? But not 100% sure if we are or if it’s that one.

There was an A3 inkjet that was donated and was intended to be used with kiwojet film for screen printing. no idea if that is it (or if it is even a3)

It’s not suitable for sublimation printing, but if it can be used for screen-printing, that’s good to know, so we can set it up alongside the screen-printing table!

This is a laser printer so it’s not suitable for sublimation printing.

My recollection from conversations with Meka is that it has some application to screen printing/producing the screen. Not sure yet how exactly it works with screen printing, or if it even works at all! Haha

Depending on how it helps in screen printing, and if it works, the laser printer in the classroom may also be suitable to the task, and if so, do we need 2 laser printers.

I guess we need to find out

  1. Does it still work at all?
  2. Is there some reason the screen printing process it does can’t be done on the classroom printer? ie. Using it for screen printing materials means it can never print regular paper again??

IDK. Guess I’ll get it into the Trello Todo list for someone to check out. :slightly_smiling_face:

The printer in the picture is an inkjet. Brother “inobella” black ink is pigment based.

This makes it suitable for doing phototool for screen printing with the appropriate film/transparency.

Laser printers are not very good for this task.

Thanks @andrewm You’re right. It’s an inkjet. Either my recollections of conversations long past or the content of the conversations was in error.

Perhaps we’ll hold onto this beastie for a wee bit and explore it’s utility some more.