OSDC 2014 (Gold Coast QLD) Call for Papers now open!

Hi all

Special note for my HS-BNE friends… it would be great to really enable people at the conf (devs, students, etc!) to get their hands properly dirty, learn, and get excited. We’re looking at doing an open day on Friday, but in any case we definitely have space for sessions and workshops.

We’re looking for presenters to talk at the upcoming Open Source
Developers’ Conference (4-7 November 2014, Griffith University Gold
Coast Campus
, QLD). Register on the http://2014.osdc.com.au/ site, and
propose a presentation. You can submit as many proposals as you wish,
and come back to edit them later, so why not get started today?

We have space for sessions, tutorials, hands-on workshops with keyboard
or soldering iron (or both!) and yes, Miniconfs.

Speakers attend the conference for free; travel and accommodation is
still your own gig, although we may be able to make arrangements in some
special cases.

Initial CfP period closes midnight Friday July 4th, but you only have to
get your abstract in at this stage, after that you’ve got quite a bit of
time to prep your talk or workshop!


While OSDC will be host to a wide range of presentation topics, from
running an open source business or community, to more technical
presentations, the overall conference theme for 2014 is

Open: Open Source software, hardware, data and standards (protocols)
enable higher quality, more secure products, and faster innovation.

Inclusive: Openness enables and encourages exploration, the foundation
of education. Making products accessible to for instance vision impaired
people becomes easier. Affordable products are available to those with
less money. Women, kids, and many other groups can get involved more
easily. These are all opportunities, we must still work to make them happen!

Connected: The last 18 months has seen a tremendous rise in the
development of connected hardware, the connected home, wearables and
sensor equipped devices.


Remember, we have ample space for sessions, tutorials, hands-on
workshops with keyboard or soldering iron (or both!) and Miniconfs.

Go on, put in your cool ideas today! http://2014.osdc.com.au/

Cheers, Arjen.
(on behalf of the OSDC 2014 organising committee)