Paid Project Request

I have spoken to a musician tonight and am posting on his behalf. This is what we have whittled down to while discussing the project:

I’m looking for someone to build me a custom midi controller that
will feed into my software “Kontakt 9: Ultimate”. It will be used as part of an ongoing performance in the Brisbane Festival and overseas.

It should function like a musical keyboard’s midi input, and I have found a tutorial that
provides the guide for what I’m looking for and a video of it functioning.
It is an LDR device that sits under the surface of a pool of water. The ripples in the water will magnify and shade the LDRs to change the input values.


This video shows the device I’m interested in, but want it on a slightly larger
scale. The 15 analog inputs on an Arduino mega would be enough, but
spread out over two 2 meter strips that can be put in water.

If anyone is interested in taking on this project, please email or call to discus the project with me. I will reimburse you for your time, as well as covering the materials. It think it should take around 20 to 40 hours to complete.

John Babbage
Phone: 0434 526 102