Painting of The External Building Walls Happening on Monday! Can anyone help me on Sunday (29th June) to clear the walls :)

Hi All,

Finally painting of the major external walls will commence this Monday morning and continue until the end of the week. This will significantly improve the aesthetics and appeal of the space. We are working hard to promote HSBNE and show what an impressive and valuable organisation it is.
As such, It is important that we present ourselves in the best possible way.
These works will add on to the constant improvements which have been happening around the space.

In order for the contractors to commence work, it is important that the walls are cleared from any obstruction. I will be at HSBNE sometime on Sunday afternoon. If anyone is available to come along and give a hand that would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


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That’s fantastic news! No promises but I’ll see what I can do to help out before Monday.

Which walls are being painted Victor? I think its important to manage
members expectations :slight_smile:

To put it simply, the external walls visible from the road : )


Hi all,

I will be at the space from 3:30 pm

Has this happened? I’d love to see some pics!

I was down there on Friday. They were still working but it’s looking good!

Hey @victorV with the other buildings how about we pressure clean the walls then spray them with paint now that we have the compressor going i have some paint sprayers and a pressure cleaner, if other members bring their sprayers / cleaners we can get it done in a day, maybe ,make it an BBQ cleaning day or something like that?
Just need you to buy the paint.