I want to start building a list of little tiny annoying problems in the space.

Its easy to identify a big problem (a machine doesnt work) but a lot of tiny workflow issues often get silently missed or stepped over. Stuff that maybe we can solve by spending a small amount of time or money to fix but will make everyones life easier.

If you come across a papercut, please add to this thread!

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To get started, heres some I found recently. This is no way picking on anyone, its just where i was working in the space recently:

  • Woodshop vices all suck, better workholding would be great.
  • Electronics - the bench power supplies being so far from the soldering station is annoying, have to keep moving project from one bench to the other
  • Electronics - the components wall is kind of uncurated, and as such is full of random things. It would be great to have it populated with a standard set of stuff and cleared of the extra stuff. Standards stuff being resistors, capacitors, some logic level mosfets, hookup wire, dupont connectors both wire to board and wire to wire, a big selection of protoboard
  • Electronics - All the wire stripping and crimping tools are hidden in the black toolbox, they should be on the bench on retractors and ready to use.
  • Electronics - a wider selection of wire please
  • Electronics - a solder pot for tinning wire would save a lot of time

sign on and off sheet for welders, until a better solution is agreed on and actioned.
This is to help accountability of gass usage.

Same for oxcy acetalyne kit.

Not signing on and off, and not turning things off is a ding.