Parts and accesories for the VICMARC lathe

Hey there!
We have voted the budget to buy the necessary parts to get the VICMARC lathe working.

Some of the parts needed are essential parts that don’t need further discussion (eg: like the belt pulley, there’s only one size and without it the machine doesn’t work), but some other parts come in different flavours and sizes.
So I’m opening this discussion here to have an input from the people who think is going to use this machine and as well anybody who can make any kind of technical input in the matter.

In order to execute this in a timely manner, I’m posting a basic list which I think is kinda standard, it will get us going and it doesn’t impede us to buy more stuff on a later stage. Bear in mind, that we have around 1k dollars to spend on this but we have that thing with cashflow ATM, so if we can be cost-conscious it will be nice.

As well, since I came to the space I’ve been the only person who spends actual time in making this lathe work, and I don’t even turn wood (thanks to @Thermoelectric for his electrical collaboration, and @devians and @antifoo who are always on top of things as well). I’m going to get the lathe in a good working state but I’m not going to spend hours of work and space’s money on a tool that, from where I’m seeing, is not so popular ATM. So if anybody has an interest in turning, you’re are welcome to take the ship and sail this boat.

I’m aiming to make the actual purchase on Monday 28/09/2020 at the latest.

here’s the list

6 step pulley 24mm shaft| $93.34
125mm faceplate V00412-1| $52.69
VM120 V00285-1| $291.39
Tool rest (300mm) V01152| $71.83
Camlock| $253.33
Live centre Live Centre MT2, Cone Heavy Duty V00269| $60.28
Drive Dog MT2, 25mm Heavy Duty V00341| $51.81

Total| $874.67

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There’s a few other parts that are going to make it useful, but i think it’s ‘if you build it, they will come’ kinda thing.
It’s worth having a quality lathe that can be used well and is useful having even if it’s not used all the time.

What other parts would you like to see?

I was thinking once its baseline usable we will think about some carbide tools and such.

I thought we wanted the speed control to be separate to the vsd on a potentiometer.

Bit of a non sequitur? not sure what brought that up. but yes we will probably do that, or do the arduino plan with tachometer etc.

Just to clarify. The parts I’m talking about are the “mechanical parts”. Like the ones on the list.

The parts i choose are the ones that come stock with the lathe.
The point of the discussion it would be maybe the size of the face plate for example or buying a different chuck… I’m just trying to be democratic about it…

About the control panel, yes we can do all that, we probably don’t event need a budget or to vote for that.

At this stage the point is to make the lathe spin and cut.