PCB Lamp

So Ive been stuck in Sydney for a week, and Ive had an idea rattling around for a while now.

This is a proof of concept of it, final will be a little more complex.

8 Light layers, using a teensy and the ocotoWS lib.

28 - WS2812B leds / light layer, not really needed, but easy to use for this build style imo.

All in all, max of 60W @ 5v.

Once Im happy with it, hopefully will be able to send it out tomorrow and get some boards soon.

Should have touch switch, if not, its got a tactile option and broken out the serial ports too if I have way to much free time. Also the i2c, thinking about having an accelerometer, so when you pick it up all the light falls to the ground side.

Whole thing will have a 100x100x100mm footprint

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