PCB vice

I think it’s finally time to throw out our old tiny useless vices and get some proper equipment.
In particular the Panavise 333. While they might spell vice wrong, they do make a nice vice at a reasonable price ($132.48).

There are V grooves in the arms that hold the board as well as a fancy little tightening system one one of the arms to secure a PCB. There is also a spring loaded mechanism that allows the gripper part to be rotated in 45 degree increments quite easily if required for through-hole work. It’s got nice heavy base and won’t scoot around on you when you’re in the middle of a project.

I personally think these things are the bee’s knees when it comes to holding onto a board for rework or soldering.

Does anyone have suggestions on better alternatives or other 3rd hand tools for the electronics bench?

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While we’re at it can we get some lower down ones like these:

The main reasons I don’t use those panavise ones at home (I use a stickvise) is because to steady my arm for soldering I have to anchor my elbow on the bench. Additionally every vice or helping hand setup like that I’ve used went sloppy within 6 months because the chrome flaked off.

Additionally what might be useful is a couple of things like The Jig’s up.below:


It’s a very useful tool for doing hobby connectors, but the killer is the two alligator clips on the front which are useful for joining wires together and tinning them in the first place. Additionally the second block with the single alligator clip is super useful for tinning wires.

Aaaand on tinning wires. A solder pot, pretty please?

Sounds good blair

@nog has also suggested This one from banggood which I like the look of

He also mentioned this magnetic system, which would be fantastic for home use but I doubt the magnetic bits would stick around for long at the space.