People that study/have studied physics

Hey all,

Just wanting to have a chat to some one who is studding/has studied/knows or knows someone that is. More specifically in the flavor of nuclear or related (not necessary).


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I have a contact who works with centrifuges. A few members at the space ‘engineer’ professionaly. What is the math problem or is it secret squirrel business?

Check out for nuclear related info and web group, if they cant answer you questions no one will, by the way if anyone want to see their Beigie counter I have one and have been meaning to bring it to the HSBNE to show people as its a cool project.


Just wanted to chat about the course work, thinking about studying, want to make sure it’s not above my head /something Im actually interested in.

I am studying photonics ( laser physics) at Griffith university. You’re welcome to ask me any questions. I’ll answer them where possible. My knowledge is more based on optics though have some experience with nuclear physics.

I also own one of the safecast onyx Geiger counters and a bunch of radio isotopes if you’d like me to bring them in to have a play with.