Pinewood Race track for Warrigal Rd State School fete. Plz help WoodShop

Hi Hacker Space Wood Nerds.

This looks like a really good PR activity for HS.
With the possibility of leading into other schools or groups (Scout Qld)

I have been working to build a race track timer for the above school fete see Warrigal Road State School Warrigala 2021. During my first meetup with event convener Maurice (from the School P&F) and a Ian, rep of the local men’s shed, I learned that the cost of the track may sink the event. There goes my time plus bits of Arduino.

You see the track is currently costed at $100/m for a 10m three lane track. Yep a grand for a race track. I’ve seen some aggressive costing before. But this takes the cake.

After a bit of google work I can see tracks with mdf like construction. Free plans here.Free plans

I’m not ‘up’ with enough tools in wood shop to ‘go it along’.

Time frames are good. Testing in late May/early June -with two weeks slack. Event as per web site in August.

Anyone interested?

Step 1 Tell Maurice the convener HS is interested in the race track
Step 2 costing and design for 3 lane track about 10m
Step 3 Secure funds from Warrigal Rd SS P&F
Step 4 Build, test, deliver race track with timer

Tell me how I can help WoodShop?

More about HS taking a public role with a community organisation.

A msg from the Convenor Maurice

"It’s also occurred to me that if HS want to build and own their own track AND agree to run an event at Warrigala (14th Aug)(and maybe 1 lead up event so that our parents can test their cars), then that would also be an ideal solution for us.

If the whole thing proves successful, we could then either build our own or talk to HS about future use of the track.

Maurice Walmsley
Warrigala 2021 Convenor"