Planer / Thicknesser

I have put a planer / thicknesser on loan to the woodshop. It is new, in the box, so if anyone wants to set it up have at it.

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Champion! My crappy Bunnings pine won’t infuriate me so much!

Is there someone who would be willing to conduct inductions in the use of the planner?

have you looked at any instructional video/s…?
eg here’s a small thicknesser:
and here’s a bigger thicknesser:

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Although I have put it on loan, I’m sorry I don’t have time to teach other members how to use it during these days of my life.

Actually, I’m looking for someone to conduct HSBNE inductions for this one. That way, only inducted members would be allowed to use it, and hopefully we can keep it in good shape. Best if this individual read the manual as well, as it is unique in some features.