We have a bunch of donated or grant bought items that need small acknowledgement plaques made and attached :slight_smile:

Proposed Solution 1

Laser cut some plaques. Or get some brass and etch it. Look it doesnt really matter, get creative!




We need plaques for:

  1. The Blue Elephant CNC (Hackerspace Grant)
  2. Hildi CNC Mill (Private Donation)
  3. Chonkasaurus Big Red Laser Cutter (Private Donation)
  4. Digital Microscopes in electronics (Lord Mayors Grant)
  5. Embroidery Machine (Lord Mayors Grant)
  6. CRX 3d Printers (Lord Mayors Grant)
  7. Pantorouter (Lord Mayors Grant)
  8. AED (Lord Mayors Grant)
  9. A3-31 Thicknesser Planer (Stronger Communities Grant)
  10. Geared Drill Press (Stronger Communities Grant)
  11. All the donated green room furniture

x) The trailer too?

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