Plastering at buzz s house

I spoke to a couple of you about this… and suggested the plaster was arriving “sometime today” … well they decided to deliver it at 6 am!

Anyway … for those who I spoke to , like Karl, Aaron, Josh ( and anyone who’s competent with a drill and ladder at the same time ) … there’s a plastering party at my place … starting now and running till its done!

I’ve got a panel lifter and automatic screw gun rented for fri - sun … so today will probably include moving sheets, cutting sheets, and a little bit of remaining de - sheeting / demolition etc… but if u can come over and be useful at any time I’d really appreciate it.

Ping me by phone… for address details etc if u don’t know… 0407036661


… i forgot to mention … this is a paid gig for the next few days only … if you want it to be… and I’m happy for people to come for a 1/2 day or a few hours or whatever. … just call me…

raises hand just putting it out there that I am a plasterer :slight_smile: happy to help if needed

Hey lex… I’m interested… please phone me. 0407036661

Hey buzz,
I know I said I may be able to come on the Friday, but I’ve had a few things come up as of this afternoon and due to my location I probably can’t get down there for only a half day. Anyway best of luck with the project, from what I’ve heard about what your building it sounds like it’ll be really cool.
All the best,
Hamish McGregor

Does anyone have any use for some free (leftover) plaster board panels?
I’ve got about a dozen that are mostly around 4.2m or longer and 1.2m wide and never used. …

I’d say there’s enough there to re-plaster a typical bedroom or something…

If anyone wants them, please call in the next 24hrs or they go to the tip…

Buzz 0407036661

I think the space should take these for future renovations. Not entirely sure where they could be stored though. Perhaps the metal room mezzanine?

Hey lex… please phone me… 0407036661
October 16

raises hand just putting it out there that I am a plasterer [image: smile]
happy to help if needed

Do we need any for the space?

Please ignore this thread …These last posts are from months ago and irrelevant.