Please Read: new site modifications and electrical work policy

Due to a recent event, the executive have approved a new “Site Modifications and Electrical Work” policy and amendment to the bans schedule, active immediately. It is imperative that any member wishing to do any sort of site modifications read and follow it exactly.

In short, all site modifications must be approved in writing by the executive and all electrical work done to the HSBNE premises must be completed by a licensed electrician approved by the landlord. If this policy is breached, we will be forced to issue a 2 week ban, consistent with the latest amendment to the bans schedule.

Our relationship with the landlord has been affected by numerous recent events of individual members performing site modifications or illegal electrical work. Whilst in all these instances those members were acting in good faith and their efforts are appreciated, it has ultimately reflected poorly on the group. Therefore I am asking everyone to please read this policy (it’s only a page) and if in doubt, ask before doing something.

Thanks heaps, and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! :christmas_tree: :partying_face:

Google Docs says “Access Denied” while trying to view that document; I think you need to change its sharing settings

Sorry, try now. It’s in the exec folder so it defaults to private lel.

I’ve also updated the safety policy and ban schedule in line with @julie.kernick’s changes that were recently passed at the general meeting on 18/12/2018.

All electrical work? So if I build a fixture that uses 5 volts I have to have an electrician do it for me? I know my question is silly but the wording is vague.

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Please read the full policy if you don’t understand the summary. In the context of that summary all electrical work = anything greater than ELV (as defined by AS/NZS 60950.1:2003 as “a voltage not exceeding 42.4 V peak or 60 V d.c.”) which is what our current safety policy says. I’ll add that bit to the electrical work section of the policy to make it more clear.

Awesome :slight_smile: I support this activity. Pre work single sheet? Poat work check up and approval by landlord? Register of modifications and saftey reviews of plant or wiring. With supplies wiring diagrams , as built, and in accordance to a ASNZ 3100, 3001, 66061 ( wrong one? Instrument standards :slight_smile: )

Having ground functional saftey review with a competent facilitator would provide top notch training to working in industry :slight_smile:
FYI I have a subscription to SAI global for any standards you need :slight_smile:

The oven will need a review and testing for failures

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

There is an awesome case took I have for reviews to do the whatbiff study with outcomes with and without coutermeaures . I’ll install it :slight_smile:

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