Podcast or Vodcast

Anyone interested in assisting in making some type of podcast or you tube video to raise some money for the space.

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what ideas do you have for the topics/general theme?

Perhaps a youtube account similar to make but showing kind of instructables for different projects that can be done at the space?

HSBNE does have a youtube account ill see if I can find the details for it

any luck finding the details. if not i have already setup a new Chanel HSBNE

ill pm password
username: Youtube@hsbne.org

Hi Lachlangor,
I think this is a really good idea, I’ve done some heavy amounts of YouTube work before so I’m happy to answer any questions and to provide any help I can do either at HSBNE on Tuesdays or remotely. Regarding raising money, the advertising amount will not be very large, and tends to scale much greater than linearly with video release frequency. However my experience is that you can push people towards donations and even merchandise to turn a much more pronounced sum, possibly even more so than normal in this case, as this is going towards a not for profit organization rather than personal business venture.
Best of luck,
Hamish McGregor

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