Popcorn Vending Machine

(Brendon) #21

Been following this thread for some time and really enjoy the updates,
so i saw this GIF posted on Imgur and thought it might be of interest to all.


(Mike Ando) #22

I’m a bit low on mental energy so I can’t do my usual full posts of encouraging things, and the machine currently has a bunch of things that aren’t set quite right for the current batch of kernels which makes them less fluffy etc… But I wanted to say that the Caramel flavour is back again, this time even better tasting than before. I’ve only mixed up a small amount of the flavour for it to see how it goes, and if all is good I’ll order more supplies & mix up some more. Caramel is my personal favourite of the flavours on offer, and this new blend is even smoother than before too. Enjoy!

(You should totally buy some popcorn, I spend a lot of time & money on our vending machines :popcorn: )