Possum Magic

So a funny thing happened at HSBNE late this Tuesday night… A wild Ringtail Possum strolled through the front door. No really!

So, um, here’s the thing. A bunch of us saw this possum enter with our own eyes. I have video of it scurrying under the vending machines, right there. But exactly after this video when we went hunting for it… We, um, couldn’t find it. We really, really looked in every single nook and cranny in those machines and we came up with nothing. We expanded our search to include the nearby rooms too. We checked everywhere a second time, and then a third time, and we still couldn’t find it. We have absolutely no idea where it went.

This may be a magic teleporting possum. Possum Magic. Guard your lamingtons, people!

So I guess this is a message of warning that there’s a chance there may be a wild possum loose somewhere in the main building. Our best guess is that it must’ve snuck out the door again when we weren’t looking, but we can’t be certain. If you come across this poss, keep in mind the poor little blighter is likely terrified and they’re naturally very shy, timid creatures (but their teeth can bite through kevlar & chainmaille if provoked). Keep your distance, give it an open path to the exit, and see if you can encourage it out. Hopefully, your encounter with this possum won’t be as startling as the time a stray cat fell from the ceiling of the green room right in front of someone.

And I guess this is also a reminder that we should probably be trying to keep the front door shut more often too, if not for security reasons then for wildlife reasons.

a famous person once said that in Australia everything fits into three categories: poisonous, odd, or sheep, sometimes more than one. :slight_smile: