Pottery Making Station

Hey everyone. I have set up a pottery/ceramics making station in craft punk. Everything is there, set out with instructions and tips on what to do. I’ve even prepared a few blank tiles in case you just want to write or draw something on to a tile.

We’d love to get some members making stuff, either to take home, give as a gift, or to use or display around the space. If we make enough tiles, we can use them somewhere in the space.

Some easy ideas:
Quote plaque to hang
Garden herb and plant marker
Coil pots, mugs, plates, bowls
Roll and cut tesilating tiles with a template
Use stamps and objects to imprint clay
Door plaque
Kitchen/jar markers


Thanks so much! i will try to remember to bring in one of my sets of lettering and numbering stamps. Are there glazes?

Yes there are, but you have to let the piece dry before applying them. There are 3 under glazes- blue, yellow and maroon- and a clear shiny glaze to go over the top and waterproof.